Blocked Drains Toilets | Sinks | Pipes

Blocked Drains Toilets | Sinks | Pipes

If It's Backed Up, Blocked Up Or Clogged Up Call Plumbing & Gas On Demand

We clear clogged and blocked drains, sinks and toilets for residential and commercial customers all over the Moreton Bay region, but how do you know when you need to call a plumber?

Blocked Drain Warning Signs

Slow draining draining toilets or sinks
Foul smelling drains
Mystery Puddles outside
Overflowing down pipes or box drains
Random green patches of grass

While tree roots and wet wipes are the two main causes of blocked pipes, there’s a myriad of other causes including; veggies scraps, hair/oil/grease build up or something foriegn that doesn’t belong (like a toy or building materials).


Smaller blockages can often be cleared using simple home remedies including:

  1. Tipping boiling hot water down the drain
  2. Pouring ½ cup of Baking soda plus 1 cup of vinegar down the drain and letting it bubble
  3. Commercial drain cleaners – there are natural and septic-safe options available and always follow the instructions
  4. Try a plunger – make sure you’re using the correct plunger for the job

For more information, check out our article called Dealing With Blocked Drains and for major blockages, call a plumbing professional!

Emergency Plumbing Caboolture

Got A Blocked Drain Emergency?

Our On Demand, 24/7 emergency call-out service will get things flowing again.

We unblock Toilets, Sinks, Pipes, Gutters & more!

Need Emergency plumbing services NOW?

Need Emergency plumbing services NOW?
Blocked pipes caused by wet wipes
The culprit = Wet Wipes! Do not flush them!

How To Avoid Blockages

No wet wipes - Flush only poo, pee and toilet paper
Don't stick anything down the toilet / drains that don't belong
Install a garbage disposal to break down food scraps
Avoid pouring greasy or oily liquids down the drain
Regularly snare hair out of the drain before it becomes a problem
Avoiding planting things invasive roots near pipes & septics

If you’re unsure if you have a blocked pipe somewhere, give us a call. A regular plumbing check can be all that’s need to spot any minor blockages before they become a problem.

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You’ve got a blocked drain… What's Next?

Blocked pipes caused by wet wipes
Blockages Cannot Hide From Our CCTV Camera

Step 1 | Locating Blockages With CCTV Technology

Checking your pipes for blockages is considered standard practice and made easy with our CCTV camera set-up.

Fitted with a high-vis camera, we can accurately locate blockages and leaks. Knowing exactly where and what is causing the blockage means we minimise any required digging (for major blockages / repairs) or we can simply blast what ever is obstructing the pipe with our Sprintjett Outlaw Water Jetter.

Clearing a blocked pipe with a water jetter
Blocked Pipes are No Match For Our Trailer Mounted Water Jetter

Step 2 | Clearing the blockage using the ‘Jetter

Our Sprintjett Outlaw Trailer Jetter is a trailer mounted, high pressure water blaster that cuts through and breaks down almost any blockage.

This machine cuts tree roots and blockages into tiny pieces that are able to flow through your pipework clearing the blockage. It also clears a better view for us to check for any pipe damage that might be the cause of your blocked drains in the first place.

Learn more about what’s really blocking your pipes.

Step 3 | Repairing the Damage

In the event of your blocked drain causing or being caused by damaged pipe work, it needs to be fixed professionally to avoid any further blockages or potential leaks. 

Repairs may vary from pipe relining through to digging up and replacing the damaged section of pipe. Whatever the outcome, we can advise you as to the best solution and make every effort to minimise ground disturbance.

If It’s Backed Up, Blocked Up OR Clogged Up