Hot Water Systems Gas, Electric & Solar

Hot Water Systems Gas, Electric & Solar

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Hot water system repairs, replacements and maintenance are some of our most popular plumbing services. For our residential and commercial customers, we offer a prompt call out service to diagnose and rectify whatever hot water issue you might be experiencing.

Our priority is to have your hot water flowing as quickly as possible.

We are fully licensed plumbers and gasfitters allowing us to work on  electric, gas and solar hot water units.

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Our Hot Water System Services

Electric storage & Gas Storage Hot Water Systems.
Continuous Flow & Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Units
Full Hot Water Unit Replacements
System Maintenance & Repairs
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Solar Hot Water Systems

Does Your Hot Water System Need Attention?

There are several red flags to look out for when it comes to your hot water system indicating the need for a flush, a repair or a total replacement.

Your running out of hot water
Varying temporatures
Discolored or 'rusty' looking water
Rumbling, hissing or sizzling noises coming from the unit itself
Water leaks or puddles
Reduced water flow
Your hot water unit is 10+ years old

Want to learn more about hot water systems, then definitely check out our two blogs; “Don’t Suffer A Dysfunctional Hot Water System This Winter” and “Hot Water System FAQ“.

Before and After LPG continuous flow hot water system change over

New Hot Water Systems

Sometimes, hot water systems just need to be replaced. Whether it has simply deteriorated beyond repair or you are upgrading to a better quality / larger capacity unit, Plumbing & Gas On Demand are here to help.

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Hot Water System Maintainence

It is wise never underestimate the power of preventative plumbing!

Once or twice a year, it’s clever to have your hot water unit/s checked to ensure everything is working as it should.

As part of your routine maintenance call out, we can take care of flushing your hot water system, replacing an anode rod as well as checking for any damage, rust or other signs of deterioration before it becomes an issue.

The purpose behind regular hot water system maintenance is to extend the lifespan of your hot water unit PLUS help avoid a hot water emergency.

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