Wastewater Systems Home Sewage Treatment plants (HSTP) Conversions | Septic | Grey Water

Wastewater Systems Home Sewage Treatment plants (HSTP) Conversions | Septic | Grey Water

Consider Your Wastewater Sorted

If you’re considering upgrading or converting your existing wastewater system to improve efficiency, compliance, and/or capacity, Plumbing & Gas On Demand can help.

Whether you’re transitioning from a septic system or upgrading your Home Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP) to meet changing regulations and requirements, our experienced team can guide you through the process from start to finish. We’ll assess your property’s specific requirements, recommend the most suitable solution, and handle all aspects of the job to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

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What is a home sewage treatment plant? Bio Cycle + More

Home sewage treatment plants (HSTPs) are another option when it comes to the management of your wastewater. An HSTP system treats both greywater and blackwater in one area, making it both a practical and functional solution.

Benefits of converting to an HSTP:

More eco-friendly (Chemical Free)
More comprehensive filtration, biological & mechanical process
Non-polluting output - suitable for above & below ground release
Relatively cost-effective to run
Treats both blackwater & greywater
Suits properties of all shapes & sizes
Great for properties with challenging soil conditions
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Regulatory Compliance

In Queensland, wastewater management is regulated by both local councils and state government agencies to protect public health and the environment. The majority of our customers fall under the jurisdiction of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Sunshine Coast Council, while residents in the Somerset region are governed by the Somerset Regional Council. These councils oversee the approval, installation, and operation of onsite wastewater systems within their regions.

Additionally, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science sets guidelines and standards for the design, construction, and operation of wastewater treatment systems to ensure they meet environmental objectives and public health requirements.

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If you’re in need of wastewater solutions for your property in Kilcoy, Moreton Bay, or Somerset, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you find the right wastewater system to meet your needs, comply with regulations, and protect the environment for future generations.

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